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Meet the Amazing...


Hi- My Name is Montserrat, and I am currently working on my Early Head Start Associates Degree at Colorado Mountain College. I've been working with kids professionally for the past 6 years. Over the last few years, I've worked primarily with infants and toddlers, but I love kids of all ages. I have a warm, friendly personality, and I am very energetic and enthusiastic working with children. If it's nice out, I like to take the kids outside to go for a walk or to the park. If the weather is not good, I bring handcraft activities to develop their language, motor, social-emotional, cognitive, and readiness skills. I am an educator at heart! In my free time, I take my two large dogs on long hikes and do paddleboarding. During wintertime, I ski and mainly stay focused on school. I look forward to meeting you and your little ones!

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