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Hi! My name is Lisa. My family moved to Aspen in 2006 where I have visited them over the years as well as vacationed with my family when I was a child. I packed up my life in Chicago in 2020 and moved out to Aspen to be closer to my family and have an outdoor lifestyle! 

I have a wide variety of experience working with kids of all ages and in different settings, including growing up babysitting, being a camp counselor, or watching over my nieces and nephews. When babysitting, I have always followed my family motto, “Be Smart, Be Safe, and Have fun!” I always love breaking the technology connection by getting outdoors, arts and crafts projects, and sharing my favorite childhood board games.

I can’t wait to meet you and your family and share with you the joy and fun of being in Aspen while providing a safe environment.

Family Reviews


“Lisa has provided major support for our family of 7. She’s extremely patient and goes above and beyond for our kids. She has such a calm presence in a household that can get chaotic at times! She is trustworthy, professional and the kids adore her.” 

~ Katie W

"Lisa is great! We would definitely call her again.” 

~ Margaret R.

"Lisa was an incredible sitter. She managed both our infant son and toddler nephew with skill. She was such a pleasure and I trusted her completely, allowing us to enjoy our family wedding without worrying at all!" 

~ Meg B.

"Lisa is the best!! We loved her!!" 

~ Christy R.

"Lisa is incredibly sweet and friendly! Our son bonded to her instantly and we felt very safe leaving him in her care!” 

~ David G.

“I wish she was available for every booking.” 

~ Jeri D.

"Lisa was awesome! So helpful & capable." 

~ Kristin S.

"Lisa was great and made us feel comfortable leaving our little guy with a stranger. We had a carefree day on the slopes thanks to her and our son seemed super happy when we got back." 

~ Allison P.

"We had a great week with Lisa! Glad we could have her back today, thank you!" 

~ Alyse R.

"Lisa was absolutely wonderful. We couldn’t have been more pleased! We will absolutely ask for her in the future when we are back!" 

~ Elizabeth S.

“Wonderful, love Lisa!” 

~ Carly W.

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