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Meet the Amazing...


Hello, I’m Brenda (a.k.a Babs). I am a seasoned parent and babysitter. My experiences are broad, from raising my own 3 children to successful 20-something-year-olds, babysitting 2 children from birth to 12 y.o. for a special family over the years, and being the neighborhood “emergency sitter.”

Other experiences and qualifications include being a licensed R.N. with a specialty in Maternal-Child, including child health and growth and development. I find joy in being a positive mentor in a child’s life. It’s rewarding to read a baby’s cues and address them with soothing techniques before they cry, to play hide and seek with the young child, or to make a connection with a tween! Board games, books, hopscotch or crafts, and music all are part of my repertoire. I am excited to meet your family, and my hope is to create reassurance and peace of mind. Can’t wait to meet you!

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