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Meet the Amazing...

Zali H.

Hello, my name is Zali!

I've worked with kids since 2016 as a babysitter, ski instructor, swim coach, after-school nanny, and au pair in two countries. I've worked with kids aged 7 months to 15 years. I also have experience working with kids with disabilities through volunteering for various sports programs. I enjoy having an active role in childcare and engaging with kids through fun activities, like making homemade silly putty, putting on an original play, or building snow sculptures. My favorite part of childcare is letting my inner child explore; anything is possible with a bit of imagination and curiosity.

In addition to childcare, I am working as a ski instructor this season. You can find me skiing, mountain biking, and going on new adventures when I'm not at work.

I look forward to meeting you and your family!

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