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Meet the Amazing...

Julia B.

Hi there, my name is Julia and I come from South Africa. I recently graduated at the University of Cape Town and studied a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in French Business, Social Development and Psychology. I recently completed my dissertation in Child Homelessness and have an gained a deep understanding and awareness of children and their behaviors.

I have a lot of experience working with children. Most recently, I spent the last four years au pairing for a family in Cape Town. I have also recently completed my Yoga for Kids teacher training. During this training, I learned a lot of valuable skills to use to help calm children down. I hope to one day work within the humanitarian field and help children, particularly underprivileged children, reach their full potential.

I went to boarding school at age 6 for 12 years and believe it has contributed a lot to the person I am today. The main thing is that it taught me a great deal of independence. I absolutely love working with children and believe that their innocence and pure scope to life is so refreshing. I love being surrounded by children and learning from them as well as working hand in hand with them to achieve a goal. I am extremely reliable, hard-working and strive to put everyone's best interest at heart.

I look forward to meeting you and your family!

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