Meet the Amazing...

Jenny N.

Jenny began working for Aspen Babysitting Company in November of 2014, and quickly became one of our most frequently scheduled sitters because of her eagerness to work, professionalism, and warm personality. She has a degree in Art from Colorado Mountain College, and has been working in childcare since she was in high school. She found her love of children when she was in high school and became the secondary care giver for her new baby sister! Having been in the same home as a newborn, Jenny learned the ins and outs of childcare pretty quickly. She now babysits for Aspen Babysitting Company on an average of 30 hours per week. She also has many of her own personal clients. She is a part time babysitter for a family in Snowmass with an infant and a 7 year old girl in addition to the work she does for ABC. She spends much of her free time, even still today, babysitting for local friends and family members. Jenny has experience with children from infants - 16 years old. Also has done Nannying abroad in Singapore for 4 months for a personal amazing family for a 2 and 4 year old.