Night Nurse/Newborn Specialist

We are very pleased to offer Night Nanny services for infants.

Our highly experienced Night Nannies will support you by:

  • following a good sleeping and eating routine
  • teaching your baby to sleep through the night in a way that is comfortable for you and for your child
  • taking care of night feedings, diaper changes and settling your baby back to sleep
  • preparing bottles for night feedings and sterilizing used bottles before leaving in the morning
  • dressing, bathing and getting your baby ready for the day

The rate for Night Nanny services (excluding holidays and the Winter Holiday Rate period) is $35/hr.  We have an 8 hour minimum for night nanny services.  Night nannies may work up to 12 hours per shift.  

A 48 hour cancellation policy applies to all night nanny reservations.  

Advanced booking required, availability is limited. Please contact us directly to make a reservation for this specialized service.