Meet the Sitters

Our babysitters are C.P.R. certified and background checked by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.  We very carefully match babysitters with your family based on the ages of your children and any specific requests/needs you may have.

Meet a few of our amazing team members! 







Bea is truly an exceptional find in the childcare industry. She brings with her a well-rounded and impressive record in the child care industry. Bea has been a referral of this agency since 2011. Originally from Romania, Bea worked with children since 2005. She has experience as a live-in nanny in the United Kingdom as well as a nanny here in the United States. Bea was hired by the previous owner of the agency as her personal nanny to her infant twins (and she still works with them today! They are now 8 years old!). What a testament to how amazing Bea is!!  Bea has experience with infants, multiple infants, toddlers, multiple toddlers, preschool aged children, as well as elementary aged children. She is professional, mature, calm, and compassionate in her way of caring for children. She is an “all around” caregiver and is comfortable in any setting. Bea puts her heart into her job and is creative when it comes to engaging with children and getting on their level. She is wonderful at getting out and about with age appropriate activities and is extremely trust worthy in her judgment when doing so. Bea is multi-lingual (Hungarian, Romanian and English).  







Simone is one of our favorite babysitters to work with because she is confident, mature, and fun!  She has a degree in Early childhood Education and has cared for children from newborn to teens.  Working with children is her passion.  "Being with children is not "work" to me.  It is a privilege to be with these children. I am engaged with the children because it's a joy for  me to be with them."  Simone can literally handle anything!!!  She is calm during any situation.  Simone owned and operated her own licensed home day care for 13 years. I worked with infants as young as 4 weeks old. Along with that,  Simone has three of her own children.  She currently works at the Aspen School District preschool, The Cottage. 







  Jenny began working for Aspen Babysitting Company in November of 2015, and quickly became one of our most frequently scheduled sitters because of her eagerness to work, professionalism, and warm personality.  She has a degree in Art from Colorado Mountain College, and has been working in childcare since she was in high school. She found her love of children when she was in high school and became the secondary care giver for her new baby sister!  Having been in the same home as a newborn, Jenny learned the ins and outs of childcare pretty quickly.  She now babysits for Aspen Babysitting Company on an average of 30 hours per week.  She also has many of her own personal clients.  She is a part time babysitter for a family in Snowmass with an infant and a 7 year old girl in addition to the work she does for ABC.  She spends much of her free time, even still today, babysitting for local friends and family members.  Jenny has experience with children from infants - 16 years old. 







Carrieann Asani is an active, organized, caregiver with 25 years experience in childcare specializing in care for infants, toddlers, pre-school aged children.  She also has extensive experience with school age children and teenagers.  She is a child advocate at heart, and is very committed to supporting young children and adolescents in all stages of life.  She could be described as a mature, loving individual, with an extensive knowledge of childhood development and a true love for children.  Carrieann is soft spoken and patient.  She has a way of making you feel comfortable right away with her warm personality and big smile.







Maddy was hired by Aspen Babysitting Company in 2013, and she has been a wonderful addition to the agency.  In addition to babysitting part time for Aspen Babysitting Company, Maddy also works for Aspen Alpine Guides during the summer.  Maddy has experience with infants  6 months and up - elementary aged children, and is comfortable with multiples, and also in group settings.  She has also worked with kids with severe allergies and with children dealing with epilepsy. She is familiar with many crisis management plans in case of emergency for these children. Maddy is a true child advocate, and is actively involved in the Buddy Program, and spends a lot of her time with her little buddy, Morgan.  She has a genuine love for children, a warm positive attitude, and is mature beyond her years.   She is interactive, creative, and enjoys being outdoors with children when appropriate. 





Jorie Devilbiss is an active, organized, caregiver with many years of experience in childcare specializing in care for infants, toddlers, pre-school aged children.  She could be described as a mature, loving individual, with a true passion for working with children and families.  She is detail oriented, timely, and compassionate.  Jorie began working for Aspen Babysitting Company in December of 2016, and has become a huge part of Aspen Babysitting Company.  Client feedback has been 100 percent positive, and she has quickly become one of our most scheduled sitters.  Jorie is originally from Carbondale, and  has a degree in English and Philosophy.   She has experience with children of every age.  She was a nanny for a local family with twin 2 year old boys, in addition to working as an on call babysitter with Super Sitters, a nanny agency in Aspen that is no longer servicing the area.  Jorie has experience with special needs including autism, and holds a current CPR certification.  


Dana M


Dana grew up in a very large family with younger twin brothers and lots of cousins. Being one of the oldest she was always looking after the younger ones. She has over fourteen years of experience babysitting and has also worked as a substitute teacher specializing in pre-K through first grade. Dana has a lot of experience babysitting newborns and children with special needs. In addition to babysitting, she is also a ski and snowboard instructor in Snowmass. In her spare time she is a competitive snowboarder who travels as far as New Zealand to compete. She is also an avid animal lover, so if you consider your furry companion family she can look after them too! 




Amy Roldan Salas is 27 years old and has been working for Aspen Babysitting Company since April 2016.  She has a degree in Political Science and International Affairs.  Amy has been babysitting and working with children for 16 years.  Her extensive experience with children includes working as a nanny for a local attorney with an 8 year old and an 11 year old, and she also has experience as a part time nanny for 3 year old triplets!  In her past, Amy worked very closely with the Buddy program which is a local program dedicated to providing meaningful relationships and mentorship to underprivileged children.  She now works with the Aspen Chamber Resort Association.  Amy is warm, responsible and mature.  We love working with her, and we know you will too! 



Photo coming soon! 




A highly talented child care worker with extensive experience providing a safe, stimulating environment for children of all ages;  conducting activities to encourage learning and develop social interaction skills; preparing and serving children's meals.  I am fun, fit, and enjoy children of all ages, especially babies.  I have some experience with special needs and look forward to providing a healthy, safe and welcoming environment for your children. 




Jessica was hired by Aspen Babysitting Company in 2012, and she is a wonderful addition to the agency.  She has proven herself to be punctual, energetic and extremely patient.  Caring for children comes naturally to Jessica.  She attributes her amazing ability to relate to children to being the eldest of three in her own family.  In addition to caring for her younger siblings, Jessica babysat neighbors and family friends starting at age 14.  Jessica has now been working in childcare professionally for 12 years.  During college, she worked as a part time nanny for a family with a newborn, and then as a mothers assistant during the holidays and on weekends.  After college, she moved to California and worked as a nanny for a family with a 1 year old little girl and a three year old boy with PSD autism.  She also worked for an on-call babysitting agency in California caring for children of all ages.  She has recent experience as a night nurse for newborn twins and is a part time nanny for another set of infant twins.  Jessica currently works for RE1 schools as a special education teacher.  

Although her specialty is infants, toddlers and pre-school aged children, she has experience with elementary aged children, is comfortable with multiples, and also in group settings.  She has a genuine love for children, a warm positive attitude, and is mature beyond her years.   She is interactive, creative, and enjoys being outdoors with children when appropriate.




Hello, my name is Callie! I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently live in Aspen teaching adaptive skiing for people with disabilities, with Challenge Aspen. One of my favorite activities is downhill skiing—I was a ski racer in high school and I also teach ski lessons for kids. I also love to do hot yoga, go for hikes, canoe, and spend time with family and friends. I have a plethora of childcare experiences including being a nanny in downtown Chicago, nannying in La Crosse, Wisconsin, being a summer camp counselor for 3 years, and teaching ski lessons for young kids. I also have a wide range of experience working with adults and kids with disabilities as I recently graduated from college with a degree in Therapeutic Recreation, which is a huge passion of mine. I look forward to meeting you soon! 






Alice was born in England, but she was raised outside of Providence, RI! In May 2017, she graduated from the University of Virginia. She is living in Aspen for the season, working for Challenge Aspen (an organization that makes it possible for those with physical and cognitive disabilities to take to the slopes!) Alice's hobbies include running, arts & crafts, dancing, and writing letters to her pen pals. Alice has babysat for over 12 years, and forms close bonds with the families she babysits for. She loves working with children from infants to teens, and worked for the Northwest Outward Bound School in Oregon this summer. Alice hopes to pursue a career in pediatrics, and is matriculating into medical school next August. She can't wait to meet you!




Conrad has been working with children for 9 years and has formal experience as a babysitter as well as a ski instructor, sailing instructor and a martial arts coach. Conrad is originally Australia.  He is kind, confident, and active.  He loves the outdoors. Conrad especially likes to work with high energy kids! In his spare time he competes in big mountain snowboarding and works for SkiCo as an instructor.  He looks forward to meeting you and your family!